As I Walked Out One Evening

One of my favourite poems is W.H. Auden’s “As I Walked Out One Evening.” I discovered it about four years ago, and I still think it’s absolutely beautiful. I decided to base an illustration around it, knowing that I would only be able to work with a few of the images mentioned in the poem. And yes, I took a very literal approach– When Auden says “the years shall run like rabbits” I drew (drum roll…) running rabbits! I wasn’t able to fit all of the verses on one page, so I settled for the first six. However, you can read the poem in its entirety here. It’s gorgeous! Though, the verses that follow get progressively darker and more wistful. . .

I actually kind of like that the finished illustration has a child-like, storybook feel, because I think the words would still be compelling for children, even if they don’t quite understand the various layers of meaning happening in the poem.

I realize that I’ve said the word poem many times already. So why stop now? Poem poem poem!

Seriously, yay for poems. They really are great sources of inspiration.

As I walked Out One Evening


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