About a month or so ago I tried my hand at illustrating  a cute wedding invitation. What you see below probably won’t ever get used. But, after printing it on some lovely card stock, I know that I want to continue doing more of this sort of stuff.

Currently I’m working on another wedding invite for my sister and bride-to-be. The finished product probably won’t appear on my blog for a month or two. And, it’s not going to be quite  as “precious” as the example I’ve posted today.


I also thought that my old man illustration might be a nice way to wish your friend a happy b-day.


Cards are fun.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Cards!

  1. I saw your wedding invitation and thought it was adorable! I am going to marry next summer — so I wanted to ask: Do you have other ideas for weddinng invitations – and what would it cost to use one of your illustrations for ours? (We would like toprint the cards ourselves, being still being students right now and all)…
    thanks for your reply,

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