Hello, Friendly Monster

A few months ago I came across a beautiful book about the work of Maurice Sendak. I think he’s an amazing story teller and illustrator,  but I probably only read Where the Wild Things Are once or twice growing up. Either my classmates took turns hoarding that book in their desks, or it just didn’t catch my attention. I guess I was just more of a Bread and Jam For Francis, Jillian Jiggs, Run Away Bunny, James and the Giant Peach kinda girl.

I’m interested in the role that ‘the friendly monster’ plays in children’s literature, film and art. Subconsciously I must be influenced by it too; many of the illustrations I’ve done, specifically for a young audience, involve little people observing or befriending strange but lovable creatures.

I mention monsters today because I recently rediscovered a small illustration I did a little while ago, which prompted me to do something that I usually don’t–that is, use photoshop to colour in my work! It did it rather hastily, but I think  he looks pretty cute, wouldn’t you say? In a friendly monstrous way?

I think that maaaaybe this big furry blue creature might be a good hugger.


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