about laura

laura konyndykLaura Konyndyk is an illustrator based in Hamilton Ontario.

She’s inspired by all kinds of things: leaves and their many shades of green, flower petals, puns, fashion, fabrics, forest animals and children’s books! The list could go on.

Her medium of choice is watercolour because (in her experience) working with it calls for an interesting combination of spontaneity and restraint. Her favorite thing is when two colours blend in a fresh and eye catching way.

She hopes that her prints, cards and other artistic productsΒ  will add more whimsy and loveliness to your life.


2 thoughts on “about laura

  1. Hi Laura, I am presently looking for an illustrator to illustrate my new children’s book. I figure that I would need 6 to 8 illustrations. No idea how much that would cost me. I love your work and have always loved watercolours.

  2. Looking for an illustrator for series of cartoon- like drawings to complement a guidebook. I live near Paris Ontario. I have some prelim artwork and concepts for illustrations.
    Wondering if we could meet in order for me to show you what I have and for you to see if you interested.
    Many friends in Hamilton so easy for me to meet you there.
    Often go to Dundurn Market or MIP.
    Eva Chapin

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