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Greetings friends! Just stopping by to share some new and noteworthy things happening with my illustration as of late. The first is that you can now grab LK work at a variety of Hamilton retailers. The largest selection of my work (both prints and cards) is available at Studio 205. Studio 205 is a relatively new venture, and the concept is great: a store made up entirely of Canadian artisans. The mix of vendors in the space is truly beautiful. Stop in sometime!

You can also find my greeting card line at Lulu and Lavigne on Locke Street, JH Gordon Books in the International Village, and The Hamilton Store on James Street North.

Festival season is also coming up fast! This will be my first summer participating in several arts markets in the area. I’ll definitely be at the Queen and Jackson art market, June 13 & 14, and hope to be at the Village Station Bizarre as well.

And, lastly, if you’re not local, you can also shop on Etsy. In the last few weeks I’ve added many new art prints – with more to come this summer!

See you all soon!


we wish you a merry christmas…

Punny Animal Christmas Cards - Laura Konyndyk Illustration

…and a punny new year!

I’ve recently updated my etsy shop to include a few Christmas critters. These friendly faces are available as individual greeting cards, and also in packs of four or five. I’ll admit I’ve been a little resistant to the Christmas spirit, but creating these cards has helped me ease into the holidays a little more.

I’m also participating in my first-ever craft sale this Saturday: Handmade Hamilton. I truly have no idea what to expect from this kind of venue, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my prints and stationary with a few more locals! Maybe I’ll see you there?

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have you seen this squirrel?

One concept that I’ve been playing around with lately is the relationship between animals and urban environments.  Squirrels on wires. Pigeons on sidewalks. Cats slinking down alley ways.  Hamilton’s little critters (okay, I guess they’re not all little) make an ordinary jaunt down the street a little more interesting. They add their own special energy to city life and I’d like to celebrate that a little more through my art!


bird brain

Laura Konyndyk | Hamilton Illustrator

I had birds on the brain last week. I’m excited to continue playing around with simple shapes and patterns–might lead to a few more cards and prints in the days to come!

Laura Konyndyk | Hamilton Illustrator

my first line o’ cards

Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Laura Konyndyk Illustration

And here we have it: my first line of cards!

This little project of mine has involved quite a few decisions. Everything from picking the right font, to finding the right envelope, to landing on the right paper required some playful trial and error. The good news is that I’m very happy with the end result! For this first small run, each card is a digital print of an original water colour illustration and has been printed on heavy crane lettera paper that I purchased through a lovely shop in Hamilton, called Canoe. As I print larger quantities and look for more occasions to sell my work at festivals and through local retailers, I may modify the print process/paper stock.

To see all of the cards, hop on over to my Etsy shop, where twelve unique styles are for sale!

Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Laura Konyndyk Illustration

bears, babies and elephants

Original nursery artwork // Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Did you know that my older sister Robyn has three insufferably cute daughters and that my other sister Julie is expecting in January? That means they’ll be another baby to fawn over and (eventually) another toddler to chase around at family gatherings. It’s going to be fun.

I bring this up tonight because Julie’s thoughtful husband Matt recently commissioned me to create an illustration for their nursery (as a surprise anniversary gift). I really enjoyed this project, but it did take me a while to achieve the look I had in mind. Inspiration wasn’t hard to find (nursery art is all over the internet) but I wanted this to be just right.

Julie had mentioned to me in passing that she’d like to use primary colours for the nursery, and because they aren’t going to find out the gender in advance I didn’t want to veer too much towards traditional “girl” or “boy” themes.

But I did decide that hanging out in baby’s room should always feel like a party.

… and that animals should wear pointy party hats whenever possible.

Original nursery artwork // Laura Konyndyk Illustration

I’m hoping that Matt and Julie will find their photographer of choice and recreate the illustration below once baby arrives!

Original nursery artwork // Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Want to request something special for the new mamas and papas in your life? Talk to me!

Strings and Whiskers

Hair is the most fun when it’s piled high. I meant to share these two illustrations a few weeks ago. Oh well, better late than never! More water colour whimsy is on the way.

guitar hair

Fun with Instragram

Last week I agreed to post a doodle a day on Instragram. Not only did the challenge encourage me to share old work, it provided me with some incentive to create new illustrations as well (flowery ponchos! yes!).

It’s been an enjoyable exercise, but I’m realizing that if I want to keep it up, I may need to start sharing some smaller, less ‘complete’ looking illustrations.

Here are a few examples below.

In other news: it feels warm and springy today. Hooray!


Springtime dreamin’

If you’ve seen some of the recent doodles I’ve been  Instagramming, you’ll know that I, like millions of others, am longing for spring  time.



A quick doodle, just to say hello. I haven’t forgotten about this blog– but I have been a little preoccupied with commissions (I know, that’s a boring reason when there’s no actual examples of said commission work on display).

More updates coming shortly!